Id like to share my appreciation for Sweetwater having their guitar gallery, allowing us customers to choose a guitar between different serial numbers and photos. It has helped me choose my latest guitar, a Schecter KM-6, without second guessing what the finish and flame top might look like if i were to order it from another retailer.

I live in Canada, which is a bit of a hassle having american retailers ship their products to me, but I was sold simply on the fact that Sweetwater allowed me to select which guitar I would receive, out of 4 different models of the same color.

Here is the Sweetwater gallery photo, and below is a photo I took myself. I think i chose the most perfect bookmatched top.

(yes, that is an orange pickup selector)
Sorry, this is too close to advertising to allow. If you want to post a NGD review thread about your new guitar we'd love to see it.