When looking to increase your speed while playing a song or a part of song, does your speed increase suddenly or is it a very slow process? I have been working my ass off on "Whole Lott a Love" since last week and I have managed to get it from 50% to 75% so far. Above that my arm gets tired and my technique gets sloppy. Please share what works for you.
Speed is something you get with time. You should focus in playing the notes as clean as possible at the most comfortable tempo. Speed will come eventually.

For me it depends on the song really. The rhythm parts come naturally for me, but I usually struggle with leads. Sometimes I spend 1-2 months to learn a single solo. I usually start at 30%, and then I get stuck for quite some time at 70-75%. After that, it's a matter of days until I can get to 100%.

Keep at it and you will eventually get to 100%. It will also be very rewarding when you get there
takes time. playing fast isn't hard, playing something that sounds musical fast is. memorzing each section of the song will help. if you know what to play without thinking about it then progress will come faster.

Whole Lotta Love shouldn't be to tough. the solo section is all played at the 12th fret position E pentatonic scale. i use a lighter and a delay to do the crazy theramin part.
As much of a cliche as it is, speed is a by-product of accuracy and relaxation. If i were you i would do myself a favor that took too long to realize within my own playing, forget speed and focus on playing well. That includes playing 100% accurate and relaxed, and with the articulation and dynamics you want from your playing.

The day i stopped chasing speed and started working on truly improving my playing was the day my speed and technique developed the most. Some people think good technique is speed, that is not the case. Speed is a by-product of good technique, and good technique is developed best when playing slowly.
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I agree with Sickz completely. Speed is far down on my list of important things to improve on. If you work on your technique it will just happen. As long as you play cleanly and accurately you'll not only sound better but you'll start to relax and just play faster when needed. I am not impressed by speed for speeds sake. I hear way to many very fast but incredibly sloppy players whose notes are not clear and distinct. When learning to play and play well, speed should not be a goal, it should be a by-product of good technique.
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