Whenever i record something the only the d string makes this weird popping kind of noise, anybody have any idea how i could fix this? Im using a scarlett 2i4 with reaper.

When does it do it? When you pluck the string? Muting or not muting the string? Bending, vibrato? Provide some more detail about exactly what youre playing when it "pops". There are a whole bunch of things it could be:

-string could be too close to pickup and hitting the pickup making a loudish thud.
-string could be getting caught in the nut and when you bend/retune the string "pops" loose from the snag.
-could be something related to action being too low
-if its more of a ringing than a pop, it could be that you need to mute the string between the nut and the tuning pegs (hair tie or something)
-if your strings are really old, you should probably put fresh strings on. Much like restarting a computer, fresh strings usually solve all sorts of bugs
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