So my band's having kind of a tough time getting gigs in my local scene. We're new and we're getting our name out there, but most other bands work with guys who set up shows for them (not exactly sure what that job title is, talent booker/promoter perhaps).
Anyway, I was given one guys contact information through a more established local band and I know several of the bands he works with.
The problem is he's super elusive. I keep trying to reach out to him, mostly over Facebook, and I'm trying not to be pushy, but every time I do anything he gives me a vague "cool, I'll check out your stuff" response. Meanwhile, he has no problem spamming me with invites to every show he organizes. Even when I go to one of his events, he never seems to actually be there in person.
I don't want to call this guy out because I feel like that's a good way to screw my band's local reputation, and I don't want to, as I said, be too pushy either. But does anybody have any experience getting people like this to actually work with you and give you what you want?
It's probably a lot different here in the Netherlands, but here we have lots of Facebook groups called 'last minute gigs for bands & bookers', which are quite nice to get you started. This way you don't have to actually organize an evening, you'll just open up for other local bands or replace bands that have canceled.
I have similar people in my circles that keep saying they'll check my stuff. My advice: stop caring. If he won't work now for your music, he won't ever. Only when your music's getting pretty big, and at that point he doesn't deserve to work for you. Don't say that to him, you might want to play on the same stage as his bands some time

TL;DR: Book your own shows, contact venues about live band evenings, check if there are such Facebook groups in your regions, and stop caring about elusive bookers.
Welcome to the music scene ironmanben!

Sometimes you'll encounter a roadblock of sorts, usually a promoter or booking agent who won't respond to your requests to book gigs. This can be for a variety of reasons - they may be too busy, they may not like your band, you might not be asking the right questions.

With this guy you've already asked a couple of times, it's clear he's not interested at this point. It may be that he doesn't like doing business over Facebook - I don't know what his company/website says. So you're going to have to either (a) approach someone else, (b) take a different strategy or (c) figure out why he doesn't like you.

For approaching someone else:

There's always a multitude of guys booking gigs out there, plus the venues themselves. Do your research and find other promoters who do shows with your genre of music on them.

For taking a different strategy:

(a) You said you know guys who get gigs through this guy, team up and do gigs with them, let them take the lead with contacting him.

(b) If you are just asking "can I get a gig", maybe it's the wrong approach by not having a solid plan. Talk to a couple of bands that are in with him about doing a gig together. Figure out two or three dates you are free and a venue you want to play at. Once you have these in place, go back to the guy and pitch the show. It is a more tempting offer for him because you have already done the majority of the work.

For he doesn't like you:

Sometimes in life you come across people who just don't like you or your band. This can be for a multitude of reasons. Annoyingly sometimes these people are booking agents or promoters, who can affect whether you can get some gigs in the local area. No genre is free from these guys, and there's no point pushing them or 'calling them out', it'll just end up bad for you.

It can be hard to get over this hurdle with a specific person, but sometimes you can take steps to ensure that the next guy you approach does not have the same impression.

Think about how you find out about new bands, then take the same approach with your band. Is there anything about your online presence that could discourage you from seeing your band? Do you have all the social media stuff up? Demos? Does it all look nice? Is there anything that could be considered offensive on your online stuff?
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
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