Hi all, i would like to share with you one thought i've been having the last weeks. First of all i need to say what is my gear, so you will have the things more clear. Charvel San Dimas guitar, line 6 pod xt multifx, Marshall valvestate 100watt and FBC midi controller.

Well, usually i'm happy with the sound of my gear, but when i'm at home and recording some tracks with cubase, i'm using the speakers of the computer (50$), and i love the way it sounds..........i cannot explain why or how but, they have the powerful sound that i would expect from a big and expensive gear.

Now, my question is, it's possible take that sound to a live performance? i mean, buy a big one speaker (70-80 wat) and play it live? i ask this because the problem i see is the amplification, the computer is doing the role of the head amplifier via USB.......... i know it sounds like a crazy thing but i hope you can help me with this matter. In the end every person is searching for a custom sound and i think it doesn't matter the equipment while it sounds great.

The problem might be one of using the right gear for the right purpose. Computer monitors or home stereo systems and the active circuits or amplifiers that drive them are designed to reproduce music or whatever that has been "processed" in some way. The signal introduced to the computer monitors usually consists of signals that are compressed, limited etc. and do not have the occasional spikes of volume that would normally fry a home stereo system. That is one reason a 200 watt per channel home stereo amplifier differs from a 200 watt per channel PA amplifier or 200 watt guitar amplifier. Guitar amps, PA amps etc. can handle unusually large peaks and transient spikes and live on to do it's job. A home stereo amplifier or computer monitors will just curl up and die under similar circumstances. Basically one type is fragile and the other is better designed and not so fragile.

I'm sure someone here can explain it in more technical terms.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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I'd have to disagree with Rickholly74 in regard to his assessment of "fragile" computer monitors. Some are, but a lot aren't even remotely fragile.

I'm using KRK Rokit 8's with a Pod (HD bean) at home. The main difference is that this kind of monitor is capable of reproducing lower lows and higher highs with authority that a 100 guitar amp is not. Fact is, the KRKs come with 100W each, with about 80 devoted to the bottom end and 20 to the HF side of things.

Taking that to a live performance is simply a matter of running your Pod into the PA mixer (assuming there's a good PA there). Otherwise, consider running your Pod into a full-range speaker using a power amp. For example, the Carvin LS1503 is a three-way speaker (15" LF driver, 6" mids, 1" HF driver) designed for PA use that will handle on the order of 600-800W of power. New they're about $279 and there's a blemished one on eBay for $229 (http://www.ebay.com/itm/CARVIN-LS1503-800W-15-INCH-3-WAY-MAIN-SPEAKER-BLM-/151696510924?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2351d10fcc ). It's coming straight from the factory.

The Carvin HD1500 power amp (rack size, but it only weighs 9 lbs!) will crank out 1500W, bridged, mono, into a 4 ohm load, but will produce 900W (bridged, mono) at 8 ohms, which is just about perfect for the 1503.

The 1503 will reproduce a range of 52 Hz - 18 kHz (-3 dB), and that offers up the same kind of uncolored range that you get from monitors, but at a very high available volume.

I use a different speaker cabinet (more expensive, but with similar design characteristics) called the fEARful 15/6/1. Again, a 15" LF driver, 6.5" mids driver and a 1" HF driver. Also easily capable of handling 900W. The difference is that the cabinet is a bit better tuned and braced, and the components are quite a bit more expensive (and neo-magnet based for reduced weight).

Yet another option: just get a Carvin PM12A or PM15A. Both are powered speakers originally designed for PA use. Both are in the $300 range, both have 400W RMS built-in amps, both weigh around 30 lbs - ish, and both will work with your Pod and give you a much wider range.
Some time ago i've tested a PA Behringer, i don't remember the model, and i wasn't satisfied, it was a 125 watts but there was something that didn't work well. I'd like to test that Carvin PA Speakers before buy it.
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Some time ago i've tested a PA Behringer, i don't remember the model, and i wasn't satisfied, it was a 125 watts but there was something that didn't work well. I'd like to test that Carvin PA Speakers before buy it.

You have a certain period to try it out after you get it (I think something like 10 days). If you don't like it, you can return it.

Behringer PA pieces are a bit iffy, and 125 watts isn't much for a PA system (and some of these companies use rating methods other than RMS wattage to describe their gear, such as "peak" or "program" power.

Carvin's not necessarily top of the line PA gear, but it's very solid and really good value for the money. Given the rest of your rig, it's certainly a step up from what you have.

Mostly, however, it's not the *brand* that I'm recommending, but the kind of cabinet/power amp and usage.
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I use to run my podxt into the return of my blackstars loop and it sounded great (the loop bypasses all controls apart form master vol)....now have a HD500 and I can not get it to sound good with either my jca 20hv or my EVH