I received yesterday the great Zvex Fuzz Factory. I bought it used on Reverb, but it's in great condition, only a few really small scratches.

The pedal is really versatile, it can go from nice "normal" fuzz tones to crazy noise madess to hyper compressed synth-like sounds. I've been playing around with it most of the day and I've already found like 10 different setting I like

Here are some sounds: https://soundcloud.com/nicocastro95/fuzz-factory-demo

And pics:

So nice, have to get one of these some day. Interesting demo too! HNPD
I was watching that pedal- nice score!
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Very good score. My other guitarist in my band has one, and I've messed with it quite a bit. Awesome pedal. Sensitive though. The slightest tweaks of the knobs can seriously change the sound.
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Thanks everyone

It is indeed quite sensitive. I like how the different parameters can interact with each other too