I've made quite a few topics lately some related to this in a way or another. Though now I'll go to the main problem.

This is my problem. I've got material etc. a lot and believe it's good. I happen to be living in a small town. The problem is there is no way to find the people with whom to form a band.

More reasons:

1. A person is found but he is unable to create own stuff and just isn't musical at all.

2. A person is found but whenever you ask him when it would be possible to go through some songs, he says "Uh, I don't feel like doing it, no interest.. We'll see next month". This attitude just doesn't work.

3. People are found and no previously mentioned problems occur. Only that now these ones are like 50 years old and they're only playing covers of old songs and singing in Finnish (I'm from Finland and the idea would be that the singing language is English). Also the fact they're already in a full band is an obstacle.

4. Just fk all websites for announcements and things like " Searching for a band" and so on. I've tried this with no results. And also putting such things in local shops isn't any better.

Living in a little town just sucks. And I doubt any long distance band member things would work. I'm 17 and due to my age I don't have a car. This means no traveling between cities.

What is there to be done?
It seems to me that your first goal should be to get a car. I mean what's the point of even trying to form a band if you don't have the transportation necessary to do it? You're only 17 right, but do you have a job or at least a small amount of income coming in? Do you have the gear on your behalf to start gigging? These are things you need to focus on before even trying to get to that point in time where you want to be at. Be fully prepared then you can start searching.

Since you live in a small town you might just have to network out of it to really get your career started. This is very common problem, but it won't be solved if you don't have the resources to actually get your music career jump started. Oh, and also look for reliable people. You really don't want to work with people that are way too hesitant.. Honestly You need to find folks out there that have a similar mindset as you.
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Just keep searching and who knows, you might just get lucky. I was doing that for the longest until I had a college class with a vocalist from a band I knew of and that's when the wheels started turning for my band I've had the past few years. Being honest too, it's going to be hard finding other people up to the task at that age...it was for me in a small town. Staying focused on a musical goal can be hard for some in their late teens. Who knows, the people who fall into category 2 may come around in a year or so and become good band member material.

Stay vigilant and make sure you have a bad a$$ practice space so all the out of town band members come to you instead of you going to them...that's been my secret!
Do you want the truth?

For your situation to work, as it stands now, one of two things have to happen.

Either the wall has to move OR the oncoming force has to be greater than the strength of the wall. If neither happens...then you are stopped cold.

So in your case, you must ether relax your standards way more than you have....or those local to you will have to change and come up to your standard...or you'll have to discover someone (enough people) at your standard.

If neither happens, you're pretty much done. That's the truth part of this, that I'm not sure you'd want to hear.

The only other thing that you might be able to do, is discover sources with likeminded people around the world, for online collaboration.

Barring that, if you don't flex, you'll have to widen your search area (when you get a car) or get lucky and find someone...which sometimes does happen, but the whole process is entirely based upon chance and luck.

I cant tell you what to do there...it's either going to happen or it's not. If I knew what makes someone lucky, I'd play tomorrows Lotto numbers.


You could always try to adapt your songs so that they can be performed as a solo acoustic artist. That way you're good either on your own or you don't need a whole band (maybe just one other person). Or make your tunes into electronic tracks and be a DJ at all the local parties and stuff.
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How about no, lol. I'm looking for a full band but just this small town.. Damn what a curse D: