ps:is it ok to say like no5, no3 or not o.o i see it may not b common but is it wrong... can i do it

here we go:

*1st chord* **c d# F# G# B = cmM7add-13b5** --- cmm7 = c d# B... add-13 = g#<< min 6 without 11th.... b5 = actual 5th lowered


**2nd chord** **gmajoradd#9#5** - g a# B D#


**3rd chord g a# C** - gminadd11 no5th ---
**4th chrd c d f a#** -- instead of calling it ddom7, call it **cdom7sus2add13 no5** --- cdom7sus2 = c d a#... add13 = 13 without 11. no5
5th chrd c d f a# - same as 4th, instead of calling it ddom7, call it **cdom7sus4add9no5**

sht ... there are more chords though
first off, Welcome!

that first chord could just as easily be called a G#/B# (G#/C)

second one might be able to be called a Gaugadd#9

Third Chord is a C7/Gno3rd

fourth and fifth chords are not diminished if that's what you're getting at, that's a Bbadd9

I don't know what you were putting forth but that's what I'm replying with.
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Adding on to above comment ^:
1st chord: I have no idea what the context is, but it could be interpreted as Ab7addb11/C or G#m7add#11/B#.
2nd chord: try G+add#9? (not for the chord charts on here, though. Formatting has its strange conventions.)
3rd chord: depends on context, could be a C7no3/G (you can't really assign major or minor to it without the third) or Gmadd4no5
4th/5th chord: Bbadd9/C.

Other things that may help:
- enharmonic equivalents are your best friend.
- C-Eb-Gb is a diminished chord, btw!