Hi! so my left input panel is wrecked, i started the jam with my band and all went fine...then out of nowhere, the sound got cut from my amp. I check the back of it, and the washer is super loose, so i turn off my amp and check to see what's going on when all of a sudden the screw got stuck inside the hole.......is it just a matter of re-screwing the screw in if i open up the back plate? any help would be greatly appreciated!

unfortunately i cannot post a picture since the file is too big......
Depends on if you broke the wires. If you didn't, you can just screw the jack back on and be ok, otherwise you need to solder the wires again. Neither are difficult fixes, shouldn't be a problem.
If the nut isn't tight enough it will loosen over time. The wires sometimes break because the jack twists the wires as it gets turned, which pulls them off the tabs.