Im 56 yrs old. Been a Skynyrd fan for a long time. I still listen to all the old songs, not to much of the current band. My questions are: What brand of drums did Bob play? And Artimus? And I guessing the band is Gary's band, he's the boss. If so does he pay the band members like employees or does every one get and equal cut of the money they make? For the band to retire and not tour anymore, which one would have to leave, Gary or Johnny? Johnny has now been with the band longer then Ronnie was.
I just went through a google image search, and I couldn't find any photos of Bob on an identifiable kit, but I found a couple photos of Artimus on Gretsch kits, on with a Pearl kit and one with a DW kit.

I doubt anyone outside the band's close acquaintances has much idea of the inner workings and pay of the band.

Going by past example, I could see the band continuing to tour into the year 2050 with robotic replacements for each member, to be honest (if mildly facetious). I'd hazard the guess that Rossington's departure would be hard to survive, but then so were all the other ones.

Frankly I wish they'd stop; Johnny has none of Ronnie's soul in his singing and their lyrics these days are passionless complaining about how everything was better before the Civil War or whatever. "God and Guns"? Really? And the mixture of "I wish things'd go back how they used to be" songs and "I wouldn't trade this life for anything" songs on the last couple albums sounds phenomenally insincere and silly. Completely at odds with what the old band was about.
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