Hey everyone hope all is well! I'm posting today because I am having a slight problem with my 5 string. As it says in the title I have an olp 5 string that resembles a music man guitar. The problem I'm having is even after tuning up sometimes it just doesn't sound right. Like the note is either just slightly sharp or flat. So I stop playing and try to retune the guitar only to find that according to my tuner it is "in tune". Any ideas? I did think about putting new strings on as I done know when it had a fresh set put on. I was also thinking a better pick up might help. Really i just want to fix this guitar so I can have confidence playing it. It is an heirloom of sorts as it and a bunch of other basses were left to me when my grandfather died (the man who taught me how to play). So yeah any help would be greatly appreciated!
Welcome to the not-so-wonderful world of having to adjust the intonation on your stringed instrument! Seriously; this is common, and while it is no fun to fix, it is easy. Set the intonation at the 12th fret of your bass. If your tuner shows that the intonation is correct for the string when you hit the harmonic at the 12th fret, then fret the string at the 12th fret and see if the note is sharp or flat. Move the saddle of the bridge for that string forward or backward, as needed. When the harmonic and the fretted note at the 12th fret are both correct according to your tuner, then your bass is properly intonated. Problem solved.

It is easy, but it often takes a while to lock it down properly, which is boring and a bit frustrating. But this is what we must endure if we play fretted instruments.
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