I just got a line 6 spider jam a d I love it
But I'm trying to plug in my Rode NT1-A and nothing come out. I tried a bass in the aux input and it works but nothing for the mic.
My mic is working since I can record it with my PC record setup.

Does any one has an idea? Because the manuals didn't help me.

does that mic need phantom power? If so, can your line 6 thing supply it? It should be written 48V phantom or something on it
The mic does require phantom power, the amp does not provide it.

You can get little phantom power boxes (powered by 9v batteries often) that you would need to put between your mic and your amp
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Okey thanks that's what I thought but I didn't found the provided voltage by spider jam :/ thank you I will try to found one of those phantom power boxes.