Quick question: I have a Boss CH-1 and DD-3 in my effects loop, in that order, and I'm adding a PH-3, where should that pedal go in the line up?
I'd put it in between the two. Or, you know, do what everyone else does and try every spot it can go (which in your case isn't a lot of places if those are all the pedals you have), to see which sounds best to you.
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Definitely next to the Chorus, it probably doesn't matter if it's before or after as I doubt you'd ever need both at once. Delay is almost always last though.

Also try the phaser before your amp, that can be good too depending what you're after.
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Thank you for the replies! I'm just starting to experiment with pedals so I only have 4 right now.
The most important thing with pedals is to put your delay and reverb at the very end. I don't think the order in which you position your chorus and phaser matters, I believe they will both effect each other in the same way (regardless of order.)
http://www.justinguitar.com/en/GG-050-EffectsPedalOrder.php this is a very helpful lesson I always link.

Contrary to that lesson though, I myself personally (<--- not even sure that's proper English) would put all three pedals in the effects loop if there is one, going Phaser ---> Chorus ---> Delay. Justin and one of the above suggestions say that Phaser should go before your amp though.
The above post is in terms of 'YMMV' and 'IMO', etc...

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