Is it worth to have double locking tremolo Floyd rose? I can't decide. Guitar without whammy bar but simple strings change etc. or with FR for dive bombs and those silly heavy things and sounds....
Most of the guitars I've purchased in the last six years have had Floyds.

Once you learn what you're doing, string changes are a non-issue. I understand that they seem a bit daunting for newbs (newb to Floyds, that is).

I routinely put them on guitars, including LP style guitars, because they pretty much eliminate tuning issues. I also (now) routinely add those big brass "upgrade" sustain blocks.

I solved the alternate tuning issues by buying Variax JTV-89F's, which allow you to select almost any alternate tuning you want, instantly, without changing string tension.

I like 'em. Your Mileage May Vary.
If you really need the Floyd Rose, then go for it and learn how to live with it. Seriously, after you get the hang of it, it's very easy to set up and shouldn't give you much trouble.

Now, if you don't really need it, then just don't buy a guitar with one.

It's as simple as that. I got a guitar with a Floyd Rose because I play mostly metal and the leads that I play require lots of whammy bar action.
Having a good quality FR like an OFR is worth it. The cheaper licensed ones I wouldn't even bother with. What I like personally about the FR trems is that once I have mine set up for my desired tuning I almost never go out of tune. Learning to set up a FR trem can be annoying but once you've done it a few times it's not that bad and it becomes routine.
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They're not difficult once you know what to do. Anything cheap with a Floyd isn't worth your time, though.
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Floyd Rose trems are fantastic as long as you learn how to stretch your strings properly after changing strings.

Edit: And that goes for ANY Floyd Rose trem whether it's a cheap one or one that cost you an arm and a leg
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Really personal taste. If you're looking for dive only, you could just buy a guitar that has a surface mounted floyd (EBMM Axis for example). Or install a tremol-no and set it to dive only. Or do what a lot of us do. Have more than 1 guitar
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The one thing I would caution you about is this: Make sure you do your research on any guitar equipped with a FR. See, a lot of the cheaper FR-equipped guitars either have a crap FR or crap pickups/other electronics (or even both). Get a good quality instrument, with a good quality FR.