Today i receive my new roland gr-55 guitar synthesizer but i get no sound out of it do i need a gk-3 pickup to get the pedal work and get sound?

Sorry for my bad english
You need a midi pickup to use the synth part of it, but if I'm not mistaken you should still be able to you normal effects and amp sims with your regular pickups
So what you mean you can still use the gr-55 without that gk-3 thing?
I'd love to play around with one of these!!!

Can anyone remember the name of the guitarist and band that used to play with one of these (or something very much like it)..? It was an Indian sounding name I think and they played jazz fusion stuff. I've been trying to remember their name for ages and it's been driving me potty.

Edit: Got it!!! It's the Mahavishnu Orchestra! Awesome band(s).
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