Hi,well,I'm a beginner in the electric guitar(I don't even have one lol) but there's a thing i want to know.Is it worth to put a 75$ pickup in a 130$ bullet squier or is it better to just buy a 200$ guitar? I've heard that also the wood changes the sound,the electronic parts,etc,but,is this true?I don't expect to play in live,I just want to have a decent guitar that doesn't sound like crap(I know that the amp matters,I'm getting an used mustang I)What do you think? I'm writing all this because i dont have a great budget.
Not much difference between $120 and $200 guitar in terms of quality.

Let me guess, you want to put in a humbucker cause you feelz the needz for brootz?

These guys sometimes have pickups or bodies with pickups on sale cheaper:
also look at http://www.guitarfetish.com
That depends, but my ideas would be:
First of all, if you like how the guitar plays overall, and the pickups are your only issue, then it's always a decent idea to swap them. Although keep it at a reasonable limit, don't get Bareknuckle pickups if it's a relatively cheap guitar, but something solid like Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio is definitely a fine idea, and you might find used ones too. There's also a few other companies I heard of that make decent pickups which are also cheaper.

Second, a 200$ guitar is unlikely to be significantly better than a 130$ one, if you'd like a better guitar it's definitely a better idea to save a bit more, and I especially doubt the pickups will be a lot better. It's definitely a good plan to just change the pickups in your current guitar in that case.

Short version:
"Is it worth to put a 75$ pickup in a 130$ bullet squier"
In my opinion, if you like the guitar overall - yes. Especially if you're on a tight budget.
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I'm with TheLiberation, if you like a guitar, there's nothing wrong with a pupgrade, regardless of market value.

I'm a pretty open minded guy and claim no authority but I tend to think wood type means little to nothing with electric guitars. I think it matters with acoustic guitars, but not electric, based on my experience.

I own and love a Mustang, if you've played the guitar and dig it, go for it.
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I have some costum shop 69' in a squier mini (worth 100$ new). It plays great. I think it's worth it to upgrade pickups if you like the playability of your instrument. Also, you can always keep these pickups for another axe later.
I'd say it's not inherently bad, BUT based on the fact that your budget is so low, I'd advise putting that money towards an amp instead.
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I've got one guitar that cost me Oz$75 that now has about $200 worth of pickups in it. The wood, after all, is just that, a lump of wood. The important bits are the pickups and the amp. But you have to know why you want to change what you've got and how you can improve it. A few weeks ago my daughters bought me a Peavey from the local hock shop for my birthday, for $65. She knows I do modding, so she was expecting it to just be another project guitar. However, it turned out to be so good in all respects (weight, neck, pickups) that it has become my favourite electric and is staying just as it is. The point is that you have to know what you've got as compared with what you want.
My two main gigging guitars these days have more money's worth of hardware added than the guitars were originally worth. If the guitar plays well, there's no reason not to upgrade it with better pickups. For me these days they're hand wound Rio Grandes. But I don't stop there. They also have better tuners (Grovers), bridges (Hipshot and Gotoh), Schaller straplocks and high quality pots and caps.
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