Hello people,
I have a question about buying new pickups, i have a pair of 'high output alnico humbuckers'.
But i want to change them with some pickups that are better for fast legato licks and that kind of foolery.
I thought about getting the 'evolution' pickup by DiMarzio to put in the neck position.
And the Jason Becker 'Perpetual burn humbucker' in the bridge position.
Is this possible? Will it sound good?
The sounds and tones of both pickups vary a lot, so i wondered if this would be a good idea, or is should just get a pair of one of the two and go with that.
I have never changed any pickups in any of my guitars, so if you'd like to explain some extra stuff, i'd be really happy.
Thanks in advance.
i haven't tied the perpetual burn but the evo is a pretty good neck pickup for shred
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That's great to hear.
but i'm wondering if these pickups combined will produce an unbalanced sound, because of the great differences between the two.
I want my neck pickup to be great for legato and stuff, but i also like those tasty pinch harmonics
I don't see why they wouldn't work together.
Unless you tried them and didn't like the sound when both pups are engaged.
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