Hi everyone,

Currently I am looking for an overdrive/distortion pedal to sound like Dave Keuning from The Killers. For example When You Were Young. I have a Roland Cube 30X and I can't get it to sound right, so I want to buy an overdrive/distortion pedal to achieve his sound. I know I can't really make it identical because he uses completely different amps, but I want to get as close as possible. Dave uses a Big Muff Pi, do you think that will suit me? Or is it better to use another one? My budget is around $80.

What do you think is the best pedal to get as close as possible to Dave's sound?

Thanks in advance!
i would suggest the bondi sick as, seeing that one mode was voiced specifically for killers tones, but it's a bit out of your budget. it's klon based, so you can get by with the ehx soul food.
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I would agree with the Soul Food suggestion, but I have found analog pedals and digital modeling amps don't always play well together. In that particular song he has the Fender-chimey thing going on, with some overdrive, reverb, and delay (especially during the solo). It looks like your amp models a Fender Twin, so that might be a good place to start. Add in the previously mentioned effects, until you're satisfied.

I actually went through and listened to some other Killers songs, both old and new. He doesn't really seem to have "a sound"--he obviously uses many different pedals, amps, and guitars. A lot of his tones are more high-gain than I would have thought, too. Again, I think you should probably just tweak away on your amp and see how close you can get to the tone on a particular track.
The Muff.
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