Helllo all!
Pete blakk, fomerly of king diamond, them album, had a sneaky guitar. i like it; )
i actually got ahold of andy la roque 2 days ago facebook! asking what pickups were in it..he replied! he said he thinks they were dimarzios, but not sure what model.
looking at dimazrzios website, ive narrowed it down too the super 2. why? if i find the puic i will post it.unfortunately thier square pixels so zooming dosbt do it justice. but you can make out the bridge pickup is black witrh shiney dots,. and comparing the sounds to a super distortion, listening too them album its not.
wondered if maybe they seymour duncans, jb? sh4 or 5?

thiersbtheimage blue guitar says sneaky. i have an early ibanez gio,put a wizard II neck on yearssago so wanna make it my king diamond guitar hence..the pivckup question.
hello friend..i am the new owner of this guitar (blue sneaky b.c.rich)..
i am from thessaloniki greece.the guitar had a ceramic hot simple humbucker on the bridge position,and two simple single coils with no any name of brand.but one the picture pete/andy and b.c.rich guitars ..the guitar may have seymour duncan on bridge and two double rails p.j.marx on middle and neck position.i wanna found some pickups that brings me the king diamond sound.i think super distortion dimarzio and the air norton dimarzio is good for this guitar.but also mike wead seymour duncan custom custom and stk1 or 4 is good too.if you know anything else about my guitar...send me.
This thread is like a year and a half old... I doubt TS will answer.
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