I've installed my fair share of pickups into acoustic guitars and always come out disappointed in the fact they don't truly capture the 'voice' of my guitars well enough, and I have a lovely Fender acoustic whose tone I am in love with, but no mic/pickups in her yet.

Does anyone have any recommendations for internal mics? I'd quite like to have two inside, one in the body (as I do a lot of percussion) and one closer to the soundhole, to go into my pa and be tweaked from there.


Folks wanting to capture the "voice" of their acoustic guitars usually record with a pair of mikes, one close to the guitar, one a bit farther away. The whole process and choice of mikes is an arcane art, as is the precise distance each needs to be from the guitar, etc.

In terms of what you can stuff into them (piezos, magnetics, etc.), it's a whole 'nother thing altogether. The Taylor Expression system is pretty good. Their separate preamp (the K4 DI box) makes a lot of difference, and then the reproduction system (amp/cabinets) has a lot to do with the sound as well.