Track title: The Journey
Link to track: https://soundcloud.com/andresjam/andres-the-journey

Hey guys!

I just recorded a new track called The Journey this evening. I'm a big fan of cheesy 80s guitar leads, and well I think this one is pretty dang cheesy (and a little heavy too ). I'd appreciate it if you guys could check it out and let me know what you think about the instrumentation, mixing, and anything else that might cross your mind.

Please send me a link to your forum post/track and I'd be delighted to return the favor.

Cheers dudes!
Hey brutha,

The rhythm guitars are very bassy, maybe if you dial back on the distortion and have a bit more treble, maybe some more reverb and you can achieve that classic 80s tone. Another thing would be to play with more emphasis on the high 3 strings as opposed to the bottom strings, give a real hair metal sound.

Also, gotta have a synth

The mix is alright, maybe turn your kick down a tad and slightly increase the volume of the hats. The snare is nice and punchy. The lead is a nice volume.

The song to me doesnt feel like it has a feeling of completeness it sort of simply ends if you get what I mean? If I were you I would play around with chord progressions, texture, all that sort of thing so you have some change and hence a beginning which you can come back to. It sort of feels like the same thing for two minutes, which might be why its rather short, cuz it wasa bit hard to carry it on without repeating yourself? Im just guessing based on my own songwriting experience. Try and experiment more with compositional techniques

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Hey TommyGunUk,

There's a lot of wisdom in your post. I do need to vary things up more definitely. I guess my last several tracks have been rather formulaic as far as structure goes and that's been a major hurdle for me to get over. I value your feedback here. I'll be sure to check out your track in your link.

Thanks dude!
The intro made me think "shoegaze metal". The guitar melody after that and the way it works with the second guitar after that is perfect.

It sounds good but it sounds like it repeats the same part like 3-4 times until the guitar solo towards the end, which was very nice, the outro could be a bit more powerful as well.

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Purple string dampener scrunchy.
I liked the gist of the whole tune... it sounds like there needs to be more embellishment as the song progresses and some faster 'break-out' parts (a build-up of energy).
Hey !

Nice job on this one, I really liked it. So, I've got nothing to say haha, it's well mixed, all your instruments fit well and it definitely sounds 80's.
I think the lenght of the song is also right, it's not too long or too short. However, I'd have extend a little the outro. To me, it's a bit raw or gross, like I didn't expect that kind of outro (maybe it's what you wanted haha)

Cheers !
The bass is mixed a bit too low imo, at least for my tastes. Or maybe the guitars are indeed too bassy. But the track has a great feel, some parts remind me of a retro horror show theme or something, just the kind of cheesiness I like. But that in itself is kind of an another point of criticism, it almost doesn't feel like a song but a theme song, a repeated instrumental idea without any highs or lows. And the song does end in a pretty weird manner, it's like you forgot to make an ending and just left the track hanging without a resolution.

I would give you an A for feeling, a B for the riffs and isolated parts as well as the production, and a C for the structure of the track. Not bad at all and I could definitely loop this while hanging out but I wouldn't really listen to it as I listen to my favorite bands.