Trying to decide which solution to use for the dreaded on-axis ice pick effect. Amp sounds great when I'm off to the side but as is usually the case with any amp, it can get a little rough if you're facing it dead center. I know Stevie Ray Vaughan used duct tape in an X pattern under the grill cloth to deal with the issue.

I've seen those Beam Blockers but I don't like the idea of having a tin-like object so close to the cone -- I've heard the ice-pick highs just deflect to the side.


The hilariously named Tone Bra seems like the best option based on this video:


But I was also thinking a DIY Clearsonic a couple feet in front of the amp would be another solution. I just don't like the idea of taking apart my Mesa 2x12 to get those foam manziers on the speakers.

What do you guys think?
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Google "Jay Mitchell foam donut".
It's been proven to be the best of the "beam blocker" methods. Here's one of the better DIY ways to get these things going. http://www.instructables.com/id/Guitar-Amplifier-Speaker-Directivity-Modifier-Bea/

This is from the article (regarding materials acquisition):

Order a 12"x12"x3/4"polyurethane foam sheet with a #4 firmness rating.
These can be found for $5.72+ship - part#85735K72 from McMaster-Carr.
I ordered 4 sheets for good measure and the box arrived the next day!

It may be worthwhile to buy a few sheets of varying thickness or firmness to experiment with. Several people have reported positive results using #3 firmness foam. Using 1/2" thickness foam (McMaster #8643K511) may be better for use with thinner baffles. Note, the 1/2" foam is white in color, and you will probably want to dye it black before installation so that it will not be visible through the grill cloth. Black RIT Dye is likely available at your local supermarket.

Yes, I did catch the long posts by Jay Mitchell, but thanks for noting them. It was actually after I read them that I started looking for audio clips and that's when I found the video I posted. To my ears the edge goes to the solid circle above the donut. But...

...I just tried the solid circle (taped to the outer part of the grill for a test) and it sounded good face on, but muffled off-axis. I'm going to jimmy up a makeshift Clearsonic baffle and see what that does. Something's gotta work.
Got two sheets of 36" x 24" x 3mm plexiglass, some clear duct tape, and put together this thing. 3mm is a little thin (they didn't have 1/4" in stock) but it's not going to fall over. Sounds really good, not muffled like the foam.
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