This sounds really cool. I was getting a Black Keys vibe from the start. A criticism would be that I think that little lead lick sounds a little out of time in places. The chorus is simple, but effective. Really nice tight bassline, it fits the style perfectly. Vocals are nice, I'd go with some reverb or maybe even a slight delay just to beef them up a little. The gritty vocals towards the end sound awesome, and I love the harmonised "ohhh"s.

Overall a solid rock track, I like it.

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I agree with the point about the lead lick, it sounds pretty messy, I'm not sure if it's intentional but if it is let's just say that I can't hear it.

Otherwise though, great tone, great vocals and a nice, laid back feel. I see no reason anyone wouldn't enjoy the track, and I really have no criticism apart from the occasional messiness. Even the production, which is a real tripwire for a lot of smaller bands is really nice, the mix isn't missing any instruments as far as I can tell. This is just great.
Thanks guys!

I was wondering if the lead bit was that obvious. It's a quick fix, I should've just done it.

Kevatuhri, do you have anything you'd like me to listen to? I couldn't find anything.
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Hey Vlaco,

I checked out your tune a few times, it's pretty sweet! Definitely was thinking Black Keys in that intro/vibe of the song. The vocals are great, and I really dig the part when you really add some power to it when you sing an octave higher "you never let it hit you" in the second chorus. Like other posters have said, it's a bit messy sometimes when some leads are out of sync with the rhythm but that's an easy fix. Overall it's a great track.

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