Ultimately if you have a preference for the Fenders you should probably go with the nicer of those. As long as they're all decent quality, personal taste should be your deciding factor, and the more expensive Fender has a solid top so that's my recommendation. Personally, I'd also just be more inclined to buy from a dedicated music site because I imagine returns - should they be necessary - are more favourable; I don't know how that particular Amazon seller operates, though.
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The Yamaha is great quality for the price. Its not as nice to look at as the Fenders, but it is built to last, stays in tune and sounds decent.

I agree with K33, out of the two Fenders I would lean toward the CD 140S, because it has a solid top. I haven't tried either before, but solid tops generally have a nicer sound. It is a really nice looking guitar.

On a side note the site you found the Fenders on, also has the yamaha for sale cheaper than Amazon.

Whatever you decide on, enjoy and have fun.