Definitely wasn't expecting that intro knowing that this was classed as Indie, sounds almost punky. But I freaking love it, great energy and I think that the vocals are just perfect for the style. The production could be better, the bass drum is a bit muddy and I have some trouble hearing the bass at parts as a result but I really enjoy the track. And on the verses where you can hear the bass properly it's pretty cool. The last part before the end had some great co-operation between the guitars, you really made use of both ears in that part if you know what I mean.

I don't really know what to say except that I was pleasantly surprised by everything in the track, and that I don't usually even like this style of music but I had a blast with your song
Hey !!

Very nice song, I liked the punky side of it, I didn't really expect that, it was surprinsing ! ^^
The production still sounds good to me, I don't have any advice to give to you for the mix, it's perfect for me.

Well done !

I don't get how this is india? Feels like punk to me?

First, the track. Very strong punk vibe. I can almost imagine it as an early Greenday song. Transitions are nice. I like how the bassline seems to set a sort of constant base, which you're changing stuff around. The vocal melodies are catchy, but at times the lyrics become a bit indistinguishable. Some really nice early Floyd ish psychedelic elements here and there.

I don't listen to much indie, so can't say if its a good indie song. I do like punk though, and this is a fun punk song in my book

Production: The drums seem a little low for my taste, and the vocals seem a bit too loud as well. Nothing much else to say otherwise, maybe a bit of light verb/delay on the vocals to fatten it up a bit?
Thanks for all the feedback! I suppose the song is a bit more punky, but we tend to distinguish ourselves as more of an indie band, I suppose we'd call this a sort of indie punk.

Thanks for the suggestions GS LEAD 5, our drummer does the mixing, but I'll pass it on.

Thanks again all.
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Hey brutha, thanks for the review!

Listening to it I instantly get the punk vibe. Sounds good, you pull it off well, though I feel like the vocals could have a bit more grit to them. Not more rough, but like, more power, more "ANARCHY", if you get what I mean? Or if you were going for a more Indie vibe, the vocals could still use a bit more power. You want them to hold the listener in front of you and make them listen.

The mix was good, and the different lines jittering in and out where quite nice. The double tracked vocals did their part, but with a bit more power I think it would kick some serious arse.

On the whole, its a good track, well done, main thing is the vocals to have a bit more oomph.

Keep going!!
Hey man, appreciate the crit, sorry for the late reply!:

Funny that you label this indie as it's almost got a ska/punk-y feel to it! The mix is a little thin but I always reckoned this style of music benefited from live performances than anything else as this captures the idea the best.

The main riff that comes in and out again has a real brit poppy feel to it and works well as a hook. Drumming around 1:40 is pretty tight, so kudos for the drummer's playing at that part!

Overall a track that would probably feel quite like Reel Big Fish if mixed and mastered professionally. Cool stuff!