Hello everyone, I've been looking at this Bassman head (http://chico.craigslist.org/msg/5016719391.html) and it's a good price, but I'm worried just by looking at it that it's obviously been changed or rebuilt in it's lifetime. Could it be a good deal, or should I stay away from an amp like this that's been messed with?
Thanks everyone!
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If the guts pic is legit (not sure of that, the knobs are different, but the pic might be from before he substituted them, who knows...) then it's an AB165 (silverface) bassman.

I personally wouldn't get an AB165 to leave it as it is, and you def might wanna blackface it (or have it blackfaced if you're willing to spend the money), tho it's $400, which is about half the money I see AB165's going for usually, so if you like the sound, which is still a silverface bassman sound, it's a good deal.
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