Curious as to recommended gauges for Drop C on a 25.5" scale. I currently have some huge strings on my Jackson RR5FR that's setup to Drop B and want to have it setup for Drop C and would like some input from you guys.

For reference, I like playing light/medium gauge strings on acoustic, and 10-46's on my 335, and 9-42 on my Kelly. Thanks for the help.
strings are cheap. buy some and experiment. .11"s may be right to start on.

i use .11"s in standard. i don't think i would go skinnier .12"s for drop C, but that is me.
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I use 10-52 for drop c just fine on a 24.5 scale. But I do like my strings a little loose. I also use the same guitar in E standard with no issues with the 52 being too big/tight.
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What are you going to be using the guitar for? Different styles of music feel different to play on the same set of strings. However, assuming that it's going to be modern metal, I say 12 - 54 gauge should be what you're looking for.
The above post is in terms of 'YMMV' and 'IMO', etc...

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I like D'Addario's 11-56 set for drop C
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Iffin it helps you I've heard Michael Paget of Bullet For My Valentine uses .10 - .52 and switches the .52 out for a .56 and they play primarily in drop C. Think that's what I'll be doing when I switch over to Drop C since I'll be playing a lot of his stuff.
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I use 10-52 in standard on 24.75" scale. When I want to play in drop C I usually try and go for 10-56. The Jeff Healy Signature set by DR specifically. I don't think musicians friend carries them anymore though. Recently when I set my black LP up for Drop C I used an Ernie Ball 7-string regular slinky set, just dropped off the 13 gauge string, worked nicely http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/ernie-ball-2621-nickel-7-string-slinky-electric-guitar-strings?rNtt=ernie%20ball%207%20string&index=3
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Woah 56 sounds a little tight, that's what I use for A# Standard on my 25.5" scales. But it is how you prefer it I guess so just try different gauges.
My main doesn't budge from Drop C and I use D'Addario's 10-46 set. Always have. Always will. Well, I use that same set for all my guitars regardless of tuning, so maybe I'm biased :P
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My main doesn't budge from Drop C and I use D'Addario's 10-46 set. Always have. Always will. Well, I use that same set for all my guitars regardless of tuning, so maybe I'm biased :P

That sounds like it'd be venturing pretty far into damp spaghetti territory, likely less tension than 9-42 in standard, but then 12-60 would be my choice. 11-56 is probably a pretty good middle ground.
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I think you're good with 10's or 11s on a 25.5" scale. I just tried it with 10's and it was peachy. I don't know that I'd bother with a heavy bottom at all.
If you do go with something heavier or as heavy as a 54 you better stick to low tunings. I had a .12-.56 on one of mine and I decided to try E standard with them and the 56 was so tight the palm mutes were horrible. But try out the Ernie Ball Cobalts .10-.52. That set sounds good for every tuning
I like the 11's on drop C and standard D tunings .... my band mate likes the 10-52's ..... 10-46's were a little "rubbery" on the bottom two strings for my taste , but I didn't mind 10's on drop C sharp but the extra half step down to C was too much
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I use Ernie Ball Skinny Top/Heavy Bottom (10-52) for my Ibanez RG. Feels great. Not too tight, not too loose.
The 3 higher strings also bend really well when soloing.
I've been using those for drop C for the past 7 or 8 years. Had to go through numerous different gauges and brands to find "the one's."
I think I used to use Ernie Ball Power Slinky, some D'Addario's , and some Dean Markley at one point until I found the EB ST/HB packs.
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I use 12-60 strings for Drop C, nice and tight. Go slightly lighter than that if you want the strings a bit looser.
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I recommend experimenting, to find what fits you. I'd do something like 13-62, but I like heavier strings in general. Find what fits you, man.