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Killing Is My Business....... And Business Is Good
1 14%
Peace Sells....... But Who's Buying?
0 0%
So Far, So Good.... So What!
0 0%
Rust In Peace
6 86%
Countdown To Extinction
0 0%
0 0%
The System Has Failed
0 0%
United Abominations
0 0%
0 0%
0 0%
Voters: 7.
I like United Abominations as personal favorite, but Rust In Peace is the best of all.

What about you guys?
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Weren't you the guy that said I should be banned for having poor taste?
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Weren't you the guy that said I should be banned for having poor taste?

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Megadeth has lots of good stuff, but in my opinion rust in peace is the perfect metal album (Even though I'm still not a huge fan of mustaine's singing). Everything about it is pretty much perfect. The lead work by Marty Friedman on that album is a huge influence on me. Disregarding rust in peace, I'd probably choose either youthanasia or peace sells
I went with Killing Is My Business, that's such a raw and aggressive album. But my question is where are the other albums? Cryptic Writings and The World Needs A Hero were great. Now Risk and Super Collider, eh
Rust in peace is the best.For me personally a lot of their albums lose their replay value.Endgame was great when it came out.Now I can't stand it.I'll admit im not the biggest fan so im not bashing them for fun but for me Youthanasia,cyptic writings,risk world needs a hero and system has failed were not good at all.

Endgame was the last one I bought.Listened to thirteen and super collider on spotify. im glad I didn't buy them.