Hi everyone! To put it short, my life and future has sort of fallen apart, and needless to say I got the blues big time.

At this moment Im fluent with the basic chords and Im more of a singer, but now i need to learn to play better by myself in order to be able to go out on the street and gain money by playing. I know the basic blues rhytm and progression, im also looking into the basic piedmont progressions for more joyous tunes.

I am staying alive by listening to old ragtime blues like willie mctell etc. Im a long way from that i know, but thats where im slowly working towards.

The alternating thumb is something i need to work on, but i was thinking of other exercises i need to learn, like special chords and hammerings for my left hand, since strumming with my thumb for hours on end can get boring, and i think i might be a slow learner with the guitar.

Other basic blues tips would be nice also, not just for finger picking but flat picking as well.

Im also not young anymore, but id like to hear how some of the more advanced guitarists have started out and progressed step by step. And lso people who are learning his style of music right now. Actual experiences. Real simple songs for fingering and exercises you yourself have done, and how often and for how long etc.

Sorry for typos, im actually locked up and im on my phone lol