Hello UG!

I've released my first solo EP/album a while back and wanted to share it all with you:


You can check it out at the link above, on Youtube and or Bandcamp.

I'd very much appreciate any feedback and help to spread the word. All the details are shown at my Soundcloud page.
A lot of this sounds quite cool. I think I will download it and give it another listen or two. Not bad at all for a first solo release.
I'm going to do this track by track.

Breakdawn - Nice intro, not your everyday cliche ambient. The transition to the heavier part is nice, and the part itself is not bad at all. Gives you a nice feel of the album.

Vorticity - Great intro, just sweet. The crunch riff that follows starts out a bit generic, but I kind of started liking it more as it went on. The clean/lead part that follows is beautiful, skillful and immersive. However, not really that fresh, it's a pretty stock modern prog part. The riff that follows it is great, reminds me of some Mark Holcomb riffs. It's distinct and easy to follow while still being very unique. The next riff has the nice idea of having the second riff only play in one ear and kind of in the background. I really dig this style of producing and it gives it some nice dynamics.

Dark Genome - A powerful intro, even though it's distinctly progressive I could mosh to that. The following clean part has that beautiful bell-like sound ringing in the back and I love it, even though the guitar itself isn't that good in my opinion. It's not bad, but it just isn't great either. Just a matter of taste though. The guitar solo that follows is pretty nice, it's great to hear some long, drawn out notes in a genre like this. The tapped/sweeped part that follows is way more generic, and not really my thing. But after that the rhythm part get's pretty cool. I also like the transition to the intro riff.

Nullius in Verba - The intro catches your attention. I especially like the slowly creeping drums, they give it a sense of something powerful building up. The lead part that follows is actually pretty great, not that generic at all. I'm really starting to like the rhythm guitar at this part, and soon after that the bass got really nice. However, the heavier riff that follows isn't really my thing, the lead over it is a nice touch but I still don't really feel that part. The following clean part has some great bass playing, I love strong bass in a mix so it's probably my favourite part of the track. The ending with the drums is really cool.

Crosswinds of Consciousness - I yet again like the intro of the song. Great ambient feel. The heavy part that starts afterwards is pretty good but not my favourite part among the record. At this point I can say that I really enjoy the mix and the mastering of your album, but this part is a good example of the bass getting lost in the clutter. The calmer part that follows isn't that interesting for me, at this point I feel like I've heard this on the album already. The same happens with the following distorted parts. However, at about 3:00 it gets really nice and I enjoy the piano a lot. Not a bad solo either. The riff that comes after is really powerful, and you use the stereo tracks to you advantage again, nice cooperation between the two guitars. But then the track does something that I love, and uses dynamics. The calm that follows is beautiful and a good break from the heavier stuff. The solo in the ending is also very nice, but I actually like the piano backing more than the guitar, even though there's absolutely nothing wrong with the guitar.

August Divine - The intro is really freaking cool. Great dynamics and cooperation between different instruments. The track continues to stay strong, and is probably becoming my favourite track on the record. Just a great feel and skillful playing. At about 2:15 there is a part that I really, really like. A strong ending for the album.

As a whole, the album feels consistent and strong. The mastering is nice enough to make the album flow very well, and it was diverse enough to stay interesting. Would you mind answering to a few questions about the recording process? What DAW and mastering program did you use? Any favourite plugins or VSTs? Did you use monitors, headphones or both? I'd appreciate all info about the recording of the album I enjoyed it, you're a skilled musician. The production was nice as well. It's a very solid first effort, great work!
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Thank you very much guys for the feedback. I really learn a lot from the comments, and I'd really like to shake your hand @Kevätuhri for granting me your perspective, which also happens to be a great listener/musician combo! I was thrilled to read your post from cover to cover, so to speak.

I definitely don't mind to answer any questions, do you mind taking it to mailing? If you were kind enough to give me your e-mail address or send one to sammetrymusic@gmail.com I'd very much like to pick your brains on stuff and answer any question in any way I can.

Thank you once again!
Hey man, thanks for the review

The first track, Breakdawn, was cool. Love the reverse tape intro. The delay use was cool too. Very enticing, as was the synth. The rhythm guitar entry was really good! Took me by surprise, and the tone is very good. The theme you break in to is really cool and memorable. Only real crit is that I wish you developed the theme further.
Mix was good, when the rhythm first came in the lead seemed a little drowned out, but otherwise it was very good!

Second track, Vorticity, 7/8, gotta love it. Sounds very prog, and good prog. The mix is good, no problems here. Tone is good, pleasant to listen to. The theme could've been developed a little bit more, but as a piece to listen to this works very well. I can think of myself driving while going nuts to this haha. The section where the low riffy guitars come in again is my favourite in the piece. The theme comes back in, which is compositionally very good, I just wish you had played around with it a little more beforehand, but that is my only criticism, it by no means is a bad piece at all

Third track, Dark Genome.

Intro is weird, but once the riffy guitar comes in it makes sense. Strong, slow build, and when they all come in it sounds cool. The riff is cool, and the mix again is solid. The slow bit reminds me of Iron Maiden, and is a nice breather. The riff comes in again with the solo again, and the piece begins to make more sense to me. It sounds better the second time I listen to it because I know whats coming up, so it makes more sense to me.
The chord section is cool, a nice break. My crit for this piece is that it feels a bit less composed than the previous one. Still a good track though

Fourth, Nullius in Verba, nice use of delay. Links back to the beginning track. The play between it and the drums are really cool, it draws you in. The rhythm guitars are like BOOM! I get the feeling now that this is an aspect of your compositional style The soloing is tasteful and the backing compliments it, I like it. The riffy section is cool, very prog, and the synths work well with it. The section almost makes it feel like the piece is going to end, but it kicks back in again. The revisiting of the delay guitar and drums is nice, I like hearing that. The bongos/congas are a nice touch haha

Fifth track, Crosswinds of Consciousness, cool use of synths here. Very spacey, makes me think of an ancient civilisation coming out of the grave or something. The use of a different key here is really cool. The piece has energy and the riff teamed with the lead sounds really ****ing cool, I like it. The quieter section is a nice break, though it is a little repetitive. The build back into a more intense section works really well. The 6/8 solo is great, again, very Maiden sounding haha. In terms of soloing, again there is a bit of a feeling of repetitiveness, would sound cool if there was more of branching out and exploration of the neck of the guitar. Atmopsheric section is cool, sounded almost like it wanted to end here haha. The lead back into soloing is cool, the guitar here works well, I like the soloing here. The piano works well here in supporting the guitar and ending the piece.

Final track, August divine, nice change of direction. Major key, clean tones, and quite funky soloing, its really cool. Reminds me a bit of Sithu Aye. The synth break is cool, works well juxtaposed with the guitar. Double stopping with the guitar sounds cool, very bluesy.

Harmonised guitars gotta love it! The piece is very melodic, but again feels a little more like a string of solos than composed, if you get what I mean? Sounds cool though.

Overall, very nice. I like it, it sounds professional, sounds like it will indeed be the beginning of a long journey
I didn't listen to the entire EP, I heard Crosswinds of Consciousness because the name sounds cool.

Holy ****, this is brilliant shit.

No criticism. None.

Bloody brilliant. Damn.

Post some playthroughs on youtube man, this is rad stuff. Reminds me a lot of Modern Day Babylon and Sithu Aye.

Fecking awesome shizz.

EDIT: Kudos on allowing free downloads
Thank you very much for detailed feedback guys! I will definitely take note from all you've written and learn from these, a lot!

Improving myself in the compositional area is a definite must and I am working on it constantly, and will keep working on it. About the Youtube playthroughs, it's a grrrrreat idea. I might get on it soon!
Hi man, I don't think I can be as detailed in my comment as others but here's what I would like to say, I think my favourite from your songs is August divine, its mellow yet feels like it has a hint of electro/rock in there with great lead parts and a musical hook, I really dig this track, It reminds me of music that you would get in a futuristic racing game, F-zero its has such a nice ending too, some of the other tracks are a little too rocky for me but that's your style and you execute it very well!

Please C4C my track here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1679688
Thanks for your critique it helps. You're a phenomenal player with a lot of potential my favorite track is crosswinds of consciousness. 0:50 to 1:50 is so awesome. Honestly I do not know if I could actually critique you and help you out other then to just sit back and enjoy your music. You have the skill set and knowledge with mixing and mastering and composing I intend to slowly work towards in my spare time lol, so yea I am a literal newbie in comparison, it'd be like you critiquing and trying to teach Guthrie Govan or Plini .
Guys, would you be so kind and review my remastered version of Nullius in Verba from my EP? You can listen to it from this link: https://soundcloud.com/sammetry/nullius-in-verba-remastered

Thank you very much in advance. I'm definitely hoping I'm learning new tricks to make my mixes sound better but does it sound good to me only?
Hey man. Thanks for the crit on my track. First off as a mini album I think this is a great piece of work. The tracks work well together and are varied enough to keep the whole thing moving along nicely. The playing is very good and you use a lot of interesting note choices and rhythms to maintain interest throughout.

Mix-wise it is also very good. My only minor comment on that front is that whilst the drums sounds were very good there were times when I thought they were a bit overpowering. A couple of examples are when the distortion kicks in in Breakdawn- I would like to hear more guitar there, and 1:03 on Crosswinds- again a really great guitar part but felt it was drowned out slightly. To be honest if I wasn't listening with a critical ear I would probably not even have picked this up so it is a very minor point.

Overall a great set of songs and will be checking out your other stuff!
Dude...just wow. I listened through the whole EP+the remasters. Really cool riffs and synths,some remind me of Mark Holcomb and Misha Mansoor,which I hope is a compliment. My absolute favorite track is Crosswinds of Conciousness. Mix-wise my only complaint is that the drums (especially the toms) sound a bit thin and the whole mix is a bit "dark". Great stuff!

Feel free to check out my latest effort:https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1700054