Most people I know play by letting it rest on their right leg and then having the neck face straight down, but I prefer holding it where the bottom part rests on my inner right thigh. Imagine a V guitar. I would sit with it resting on there and have the neck slanted up instead of down close to my left leg. It's much more comfortable for me rather than the typical way everyone else holds it. Any cons to that? Don't want to learn a wrong technique.


Here's a good example:


Just that I have the neck slanted a little more further up and it doesn't rest on my left leg. I hold it in place with the upper part of my right arm.
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if you're playing with the neck facing down then that could be issue. the pic shows what is basically know as classical style so yeah it's fine
That's the classical position. It gives you better access to the entirety of the neck, but some people think it looks stupid and is uncomfortable.
I always play in classical position, no matter the guitar. Much more comfortable and it also looks more badass.

Also, I feel that I don't have as much weight in classical position. You see, if you rest the guitar on your right leg, you have to hold the neck with the left arm. In classical position, the guitar, along with the neck, holds in the middle of your legs and I don't feel the neck weight on my left arm. That's why I find it more comfortable.
I always play like that, with my guitar resting on my right leg its harder for me to reach the whole fretboard
I find classical position very awkward but I guess that's just me/my guitars. I can see the advantages.
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Resting guitar on the right leg is stupid. Classical shits on it.
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I've been holding the guitar on the right leg for years and a few months ago I put it between my legs and it seemed like a whole new instrument. It fitted me more natural and my hands are much more relaxed + the fretboard is much more accessible.

But that sorely depends on you, if you're more comfortable with holding it between your legs, then do it that way.
Playing in the classical style is better because the body and neck are pretty much in the same position when sitting down as they are when standing up. I also find it a lot more comfortable personally.
So the only con is....it looks stupid. Apparently playing guitar is about looking cool while you're sitting down.
I've always found it to be more comfortable, it always felt badass to me.
The only concern I have: wouldn't it add excessive stress in your right arm to use it for holding the guitar in place? Manuel Espinas provided a bit of information in a masterclass kind of thing about letting the guitar rest by itself without touching it at all with your hands to reduce the tension in your arms as much as possible. Yea that's pertaining to actual classical guitar but it similarly applies to the electric in that position, and it's especially easy with the one in your example picture. I have that guitar and I almost never play it across my right leg, but I do sometimes find myself propping my left foot up slightly to raise the neck a little.
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I have that guitar and I almost never play it across my right leg, but I do sometimes find myself propping my left foot up slightly to raise the neck a little.

Yep a footrest is generally recommended for playing in the classical position, although you can often get by without it depending on the guitar. Also playing with a strap even when sitting down helps it stay in place better too.

I've tried playing the "modern" way with it resting on my right leg but it feels extremely awkward and uncomfortable to me. I can barely even play it's so awkward. Some people say the same thing about the classical position though, so just use whatever works best for you.