Hello everyone I am putting this in the electric guitar part of the forums because I think that's where I'll get the most people who have experience playing and listening to the type of music I am referring to. I am a slide player-pretty much exclusively, but lately I haven't had as much interest in playing guitar and even less in slide playing. I really like slide guitarists like muddy waters and derek trucks but I have lately been really enjoying srv and albert collins type stuff. Normally I would just push myself to play slide because I don't want to be missing out on some of my potential in slide playing but lately I just don't seem to have as much of a drive and therefore also don't feel that I am sounding very good.

I know this decision isn't really one that you guys can make for me but how have you guys made decisions like this in the past? Will slide be more useful later on being kind of a niche skill to some degree? If it makes a difference my band plays kind of indie blues ish stuff that tends to be a bit fast paced and hard to keep up with on slide.
Thanks for any and all help
What kind of slide are you playing? Electric, acoustic, standard tuning, open tuning, fingerpicked, flatpicked, lapsteel, spanish position?

I play more slide than fretting these days, and I found it to be a useful niche in the local music scene - for blues and folk. I think you have to do the things that keep you interested. With the wisdom of hindsight, I should have concentrated rather more than I have on lapsteel
I am playing mostly electric slide guitar-mostly in dropped d-though I have been wanting to transition into open e for a while but it seems like my band always need me in dropped d for whatever reason-and also one of our songs uses the lower d(any advice on that too would be appreciated). I fingerpick while playing slide but I keep a hold on my pick with my unused fingers during that time-and I have been considering getting a lap steel for a little while but haven't really decided. Hope I have answered some of your questions.
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This happens to everyone eventually. You've hit a "plateau" with your playing. It is not advancing into new and interesting areas/levels of expertise, and as a result, you start to lose interest. My advice would be to force yourself to take your playing - slide and everything else - into new directions. By that, I mean into directions that you would never have chosen previously. Take your playing into new genres of music; particularly if you think that your playing simply does not belong in those areas.

Most people can be good in several types of playing, but they will be expert in only one. It does not have to be this way, but it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to be a master of many types of playing. It is, of course, worth the effort and time investment. You can never know too much about playing the guitar - or any other instrument, for that matter.
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If you haven't already done so, have a listen to Kirk Lorange. He is a killer blues slide player, AFAIK exclusively in drop D. It might give you some ideas and inspirations.

You can always go down to D or G for your open tuning, rather than E or A.

FG41's advice is good IMO, look for some diversity that challenges you. I do it partly by transposing tunes I did as conventional picking to slide and lap steel. Another one is trying to improve my lapsteel skills, but there are all sorts of alternatives. - Depending on your interests.
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If it's not fun then don't do it. You won't make nearly as much progress if you're not enjoying it anyway. If you go through a spell where you're not enjoying your music, try to mix it up and see if it passed, there's a reason I went through a Jazz phase.