I have a customer who wants a kill switch in his guitar. I could get a cheap one off of ebay but anyone who has used one on their guitar for a couple of years can probably shed some light on this.

which brand has quality ones that will last
and any websites preferably north america to keep shipping down I'm interested in.

thanks in advance
Ya know, contact Gary Brawer in San Francisco. 15 Lafayette, SOMA, etc.

The trick with these things is that most of them will produce an audible "pop" when you're using them. I don't know what brand mine are, but Gary has that information. No pop.
I remember with a certain TBX mod that if people use a 1m resistor it removes the pop but I ended up telling the guy to order it from allparts instead. I'm surprised I didn't get more suggestions though as this post is about a day old.

this i just came across though when i got some sleep.