I might not have the attention span to listen to the whole thing right now, but I'll give you some impressions. The intro of the first track is great, I love everything about it I was a bit disappointed in this no being an instrumental EP, the vocals are nice, nothing wrong with them but I think that the intro had great potential for a sick instrumental.

I listened to a little bit hear and there, and all of the music is really nice. Sounds like a professional act, that is for sure. The production is not the best possible, the bass is a bit muffled for my tastes and the drums aren't balanced as well as I'd like, but we could chalk that up to personal opinion since I can still hear them. The transitions between some tracks are a bit awkward. Not a bad piece of music certainly, even though it might not be my thing it sounds very nice. If I enjoyed the genre I might love this.
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