Hi All:

Have my first gig coming up in a few weeks--a solo acoustic/vocals thing at a local bar. Set times are long--around three hours.

I'm not a trained singer, and frankly, I'm a little worried about being able to sing for three hours with small breaks. After about an hour my voice tends to get a little more gritty--I suspect this may be due to improper (or total lack of) technique

What are some tips to make sure I can keep my voice going and not get throughout the set?
More than a little late for asking this question.

Anyway, a few weeks? Make sure you sleep enough before the show. Be hydrated, and don't drink or smoke during the show. Schedule the grittiest songs towards the end and go easy as possible. Warm up.

By not preparing before hand, you've really invited problems. 3 hours is a long time for a trained singer. Good luck.
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