Hello! I'm about to start recording songs and i want everything to sound nice and in sync. Going to play acoustic guitar/piano maybe bass and put drums from the computer or something. A metronome confuses me in some songs and i would like a steady drum loop instead to play with. What is the best/easiest way for me as a non-drummer guy to proceed if i want to take out the correct drum loop from a song and play to it?

This is the drum loop i'm after starting at 0:24


Maybe i should try to listen what the drummer plays and try to make the drum loop in the computer myself? But i'm not as experienced as i would like to and it's not easy always, what should i do then?

Thank you!
I would use the metronome and record the music parts first. Be sure that the timing is right.

Then, I would hire a session drummer to add drums to your song.
Yeah, get your self some good drum loops and keep practicing with them. Years back this skyrocketed my rhythm skills and my sense of groove.

You can also try writing a riff and then programming some drums to fit that riff. It takes a little practice but is well worth it.

Every guitarist should be able to think along the same lines as a drummer.

I use Addictive drums for real drum sounds and Drumatic for electronic sounds both used through Reaper.
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