So I recently bought a used AC15C1 and am thinking about doing a couple mods. I'm debating doing the bright cap mod but that shouldn't be a problem and is easily reversible if I don't like it. I'm also debating buying this kit. I was wondering if anyone had ever used this kit before? Also in regards to a choke, I've heard of people burning through power tubes quickly after installing one. Where/what measurements should I take to make sure that everything will work properly after installing the choke.

Thanks for any insight you guys can give to me
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that stuff you have heard of power tubes burning quickly after installing the choke is a myth. The only difference in in regards to the power tubes is that the screen voltage will be very slightly higher. The choke does help with noise and tone.

something you want to know before delving into your amp is how to drain the filter caps. Im sure the kit instructions will tell you how to do this if its going to tell you how to install a choke. the resistor you will be removing in order to install the choke happens to be connected to the juiciest caps in the amp, so I strongly suggest you learn how to drain them.

+1 for the bright cap mod, so long as it's to tame the high end. This is all my opinion, but I feel the ac15 ad ac30 are too bright.
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