I am heading out on deployment in a few months. I am taking a guitar with me because nine months is a long time to go without playing. So to get to the point. I am not sure if I want to take an acoustic, so I started to explore other options. For a few years I have heard of these little plug-ins for electric giutars. Yet I know of nobody who actually uses them. I would prefer to take a cheaper electric with me for size and sound reasons. But I am unfamiliar with these plugins. The ones I've seen are pretty cheap. Like 50ish bucks.

What experiences have any of you had or heard? What is best for a distorted sound? Clean sounds? Any that do both? Price isn't really an issue. Just want to see if it's worth it to look into.

Anything helps. Thanks in advance!
the Vox Amplugs?

They're okay in that they make your guitar loud but don't expect an amazing tone.
I don't expect much for tone in a product like that. I'm looking more for something I can plug headphones into than trying to pump out any sound.
These all come out of one factory in China that rebrands them for companies around the world. You can buy the generic versions by searching Amazon for “guitar headphone amp”
For a similar price, you can get a Zoom G1on.

Excellent sounds covering a full range of styles, with the added benefit of including a looper that auto-synchs to the in-built drum sequencer.

Amplugs can be OK, but you'd be better off spending the money on a tool that is far more useful.
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