Here’s a bit of a brain-stretcher

I play right-handed. Because of an accident many moons ago I badly damaged my left arm. That left me unable to rotate my left forearm any more than about 80 degrees anti-clockwise. That severely limits my ability to reach to the top (nut end) of the fretboard which goes (wait for it) to the left of my body.

Secondly, I have VERY fat and quite short fingers – good for opening stuck screw-cap beer bottles but not for guitar playing.

To help make my playing less of a painful physical struggle I’ve been hunting around for a guitar with the following:
• Size: ¾,
• Thinline
• Electro-acoustic 6 string
• Wide string spacing at 1 7/8 inches at the nut.
I haven’t found any where I live (Glasgow).

Any pointers will be welcome. I’d even welcome offers of good condition second-hand instruments if full details and price are provided.

I can hear the twangs from here.
Ok, sorry to hear that but let's dispel one notion right up front.

Your fingers are NOT a key factor in your being able to play or not. I've seen folks with every shape and size of digit play, and play well.

But your physical limitations may well be. Let me ask, do you feel a deep and abiding need to play with the guitar in a conventional position or might altering it work better? Could you lay it flat, like Jeff Healey for instance?

Maybe learn to play lefty? Sure, there's a learning curve but it's not insurmountable and perhaps it would suit your capabilities better?

Good on you for looking for options though, if this guy can play, there are almost no acceptable excuses.

“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
Charles Darwin
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