Something I've been working on for the past few days. It's pretty long (just under 10 minutes). There are currently no drums, and I might tinker a bit further with the instrumentation later (possibly adding a keys track as well).

The final few measures are the beginning of what should be the second part, but other than that it's not written yet.

I really advice on listening to it with the RSE enabled as otherwise it would sound too different from what I've intended.

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I really enjoyed it, I got kind of a Steven Wilson vibe from it. That being said, it needs drums badly, and I felt like, even though there was some noticeable variation and wonderful harmonic content, it was still repetitive to me. I think drums will fix that as long as you don't just copy and paste beats for ten minutes. I'm really excited now to hear Part 2 from few measures I heard! The lead parts were pretty tasteful, and I really enjoyed how well you modulated and progressed thru the song.

If you have GP6 would you be able to do a C4C? This one is a GP6 file because it uses 8 string guitars: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1673679
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Thanks! I do love Porcupine Tree, though I didn't have any specific source of influence in mind while writing this.

I'd actually say I was afraid it would seem to swerve into perhaps too many directions, though my purpose was indeed to keep an obvious-enough relationship between most parts (that is, making them either variations or derivations of a previous theme); but I don't think it really repeats much. Perhaps the drums would help with that as they enable you to accentuate the separate sections differently.

And sorry, but I only have GP5 so I can't view that file, though I did write a small crit on the other piece you've posted.