I would like to start off by saying sorry if I've posted in the wrong section.I recently took notice that when I engage in strumming, more specifically, the downstroking part of it, I hit the nail of my index finger on the strings. Since I tilt the pick a bit up when downstroking, my nail gets welcomed by all the strings and afterwards the pick strikes. I have a placed a picture, so you can see what I'm talking about. I'm sorry in advance about the quality.
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My nail has began to crack in the middle, so I would like to avoid this scenario, if possible.
There's no reason your index finger should be clipping the strings at all on the way down. Sounds like you need to adjust your technique. The times that I grew my nails extra long for particular fingerstyle music I still never ever clipped the string when using a pick. My index finger was like 1cm above the flesh as well, so much longer than yours are now.
You definitely need to adjust your technique. Play around with a few things. If you hold your pick in that very upward sort of angle when you're strumming then definitely adjust it, because it should not be angled significantly upward like that.
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