Anyone can tell which would you prefer among the two? I play mostly metal and and rock and like to do solos. I'm more likely comparing the two it terms of looks. Im not quite sure which one would look cooler.
They are quite different guitars in fact.

One is made of mahogany, the other is basswood. One has 24 frets, the other has 22. The pickups are also different, the RG has a single coil in the middle. The S320 has a ZR Trem and the RG a Edge Zero II.

About looks, we can't decide that for you. You're the judge about that. Personally, I prefer the RG.

Edit: The neck is also different, the S has a Wizard II neck and the DXZ a Wizard III neck. They should feel a bit different because of that I suppose.

If you're playing solos, the 23th and 24th fret may come in handy.
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