Hello there.

This has a cool old school vibe to it. I reminds me of old school Anthrax style thrash. I like the prominence of the bass, it gives it a nice driving force. The mix sounds pretty good overall - perhaps the cymbals are a little to airy but thats nit picking. I'm impressed by your drums - they sound very realistic - they sound perhaps too even and uniform to be live performance but for me it could just be a pro-drummer well produced.

The only thing missing really is some vocals. In the absence of vocals some additional lead work would have been good just to keep the track developing.

Nice work man.

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Hey man,

Thanks for sharing this track with us.

This track sounds like it was mixed very well. I can distinguish all the tonal elements and each instrument has space to breathe. The bass is very present in the mix which really seems to work in this particular situation. This track had some interesting progressions. However, I felt like the song ran a little long. Some sections seemed to repeat without developing. I think what's missing here is lead phrasing. There are some infectious grooves here, but I think some soloing would round this track out a bit more.

Here are the specific sections that caught my attention:

0:00-0:12 I liked the fade-in intro. For some reason this reminded me of Metallica - Orion.
0:35-1:21 I liked the transition here. It seemed to run a little long though, I think lead phrasing would help this section develop more.
1:22 I really dig the double bass runs here and the laidback bassline.
2:30 I was expecting this to lead into a bit more of a climax.
3:40 I can't help but feel like there's an opportunity for a bass solo here.
4:40 The interaction between double bass and rhythm guitars really gave the outro more life. \m/

Overall, I think you have some very good ideas here, but a bit more development would help this track shine. You seem to have a very good command of rhythm.

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Hey thanks for the feedback, I've been struggling to learn how to mix properly so your positive comments are much appreciated!

I will at some point try and work in some lead guitar, kinda in the style of John Petrucci or Andy James. I think I'm going to upload the track as is to youtube as a backing track so others can practice on it as well.

I will check out your track as well.
And if your interested here is all my other work that I post on youtube, I'm working on building my channel there and appreciate all the support I get. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-VtqS6yGfp3cwNUQ75HPlg
xev (assuming you are a male),
OK, since you reviewed 2 of my songs (thank you) & asked for me to review more, I am reviewing your "D Minor Rock Ballad Backing Track 6/8 80 BPM": very pleasant song, reminds me a bit of Chris Isaac for some reason. Nice guitar tone & melodies. Everything sounds good, but could use some good vocals. If you don't sing, this is a good way to get some cute (most female singers are good looking in my experience) gal to sing on it. Though if the singer can't write a vocal melody or write lyrics, you're gonna have to do it. Or get a male that can sing.
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