I don't know why I can't post on the guitar section of the forums, but I need advice from expert guitarists. I'm about to purchase a new a guitar, and this one sparked my interest. It's called a Takamine ACOUSTIC ELECTRIC eg540SC

link to exact model: (http://www.guitarcenter.com/Takamine-Used-Takamine-Eg540SC-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar-111211136-i4373838.gc)

It's a used guitar, do you think it's a fair price for this model? I've heard a lot of good things about Takamine, so I'm curious to see what your opinions.

Has anyone owned or used this model, or a similar model? I would like to know hows the sounds of the guitar? Does it play well, or should I invest in another model?

Any feedback or suggestions on this potential purchase is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You could wait a day, then the rest of the forums will be open to you, but I can tell you, that is probably a good deal, takamine guitars aren't for me but are good guitars. Still, I'd play one first to make sure it's the feel you want.
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