So I've got a lead on what seems to be a pretty sweet amp. It's a 68 drip edge (silver face specs tho I believe) in near perfect condition. It's got a Weber Ferromax 50w in it, with the original reverb tank and original output transformer. The power transformer has had the mercury magnetics mod done to it. The tubes are all NOS, mostly RCA and GE. He's asking for 1300$. To me, this sounds like a pretty good deal, but I'm bad at pricing vintage amps so I figured I'd come here for some other opinions. Thanks!
Sounds like a nice amp and he is asking top dollar. If it sounds great cranked up offer $900 cash in hand.
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I agree, that's top dollar for that amp. When I got my 73 Super Reverb I had a friend who owned a vintage guitar store, he said mine, which is in excellent shape for a 73, would run about $1200 or so. The Deluxe Reverb is a smaller amp and lower wattage, single speaker and has been modified, I wouldn't pay more than $800-900 for it. I also saw the guy at the guitar shop sell a 75 Twin for $800...but that was 10 years ago. Since then I've seen a couple of Super Reverbs that were beat to hell with seriously yellowed grilles sell for $1200-1500.

A 68 that's all original might be a deal at that price, but even in excellent condition with modifications, I'd say no more than $900. Then again a 68 should be close to or the same as the Blackface amps, they hadn't started changing them yet. Specs are at the Fender Amp Field Guide

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