hello guys ,

i've decided lately that i wanna start a youtube channel where i teach guitar
( few friends gave me that idea and i liked it )

i made a few researches , here's what i got :

no one ownes a youtube guitar teaching channel in my country ,here is the good part: even the countries that are around us dont x) damn

i'm not that good in guitar , but i know the basics
( the fretboard - chords- scales- modes - how to read music- key signatures -chord construction and , you know , alot of songs to teach )

and i'm willing to cover up the things that i found a struggle with when i was an absolute beginner ( i'm not saying i'm jimi ) ,

cause i'm a self tought ( i'm not that proud x)

i find this project as a chance of helping people ,

plus , i know i'll get better , cause i'll be related to guitar more and more

and as i noticed a lot of you had the honor to teach before ,

and i want your advice on what should i focus on my first videos ?!!

any thing from you guys would be great , thank you
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I don't want to put you down, I really don't. I think that it's a wonderful idea as a concept, and it's for a good cause. But a word of caution: if you're "not that good" and you're self taught, you might not be the best teacher out there. I'm still learning that things I thought I knew very well turn out to be way more complex than I imagined, and I learn new things daily. And I'd say I'm a good guitarist and I have background in a musical academy. So keep in mind that things you take for granted might turn out to be flat out wrong. And the fact that you need to ask advice on this tells us something about your teaching skills.

If you're going through with it, common beginner lessons could handle open chords and basic major/minor/pentatonic shapes from a technical viewpoint, and intervals and their applications in chord and scale theory from a theoretical viewpoint. Finding correct tones and understanding the anatomy of the fretboard is certainly one of the most important things as well. Good luck.
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What you might want to do is post a blog on encouraging other players. Share your struggles and what you've learned, and start out with basic ideas to help people, but build slowly. Increase your knowledge and share what you've learned. Your intentions are good. There's nothing wrong with helping and wanting to help.

Hopefully that helps. Be the kind of person you'd have wanted to find on You Tube.