The story goes as follows: I had a Laney Lionheart 20w Combo, which I really loved from sound perspective (although the cleans could have been a bit brighter, I think it was very nice).
However, I have sold the amp mainly because of two reasons:
1. Weight (I often need to take it to top floors, also have some walking distances so want to have extreme portability)
2. Loudness - this is not that big issue, however I have been told few times to roll down (for home I would just a buy a tiny amp to help me with)

Currently on my check-list are these ones:
1. Fender Blues Junior
2. Fender Pro Junior
3. Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 (gotta love the amount of features)

I am a solo guitar player in a band, so I need a clear and bright clean + good leads, however I often create leads with my pedals, so Drive channel is not a big issue, just it would be nice, that the amp would take pedals well and I could really get some Classic Rock power chords to come out.

I am playing a Fender American Standard Strat, main drive is Fulltone OCD + planning to get a pedal with more gain, to help me, when I need more mass.

Your help is needed:
1. Are there any other alternatives which would be light and more or less to that direction of sound?
2. Between the mentioned alternatives, what would be the pros and cons and which one would be the best for me?
Krank 1980Jr has a nice clean channel, a JCM800 type lead ch, foot switchable channels, and an FX loop. It is 20 watts but has lots of clean headroom for a 20 watt amp. It also only weights 20lbs, so very portable and made in USA. They run $300-$375 used

The Revolution Rival is basically the same amp under a different name and made in USA also and run $650 new
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laney vc15 sounds (IIRC- it's ages since I've tried them, and I never tried them head-to-head so basically treat this with a pinch of salt ) broadly similar, ish, to the lionhearts. assuming you want something which is in the same ballpark (though the lionheart is superior) but smaller and lighter.

I don't think any of the ones you listed will really sound that similar to the lionheart at all. If that's what you want.
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Your in a tough position. 20W is perfect if you need clean cleans. I wouldn't go with something with less power. The problem with the Fenders is that you likely won't have the headroom you want. But I would look into a Carvin V3MC. It's 36lbs. I'm personally not really a fan of it tonally but my interest in that amp hasn't waned because that weight is so manageable.