Do you see the state
of stars ::remember them?:: in a city sky?
Faded eyes of the dead
and their dimming memories
of our little blue rock ::Earth, we described it::.

I am ::or have:: Sylvia's heart,
a murmuring ::ringring:: of existence
brushing against my eardrum,
relentless in its goading.
If my heart could beat for someone,
it would beat for someone else.
::As an aside, fourth wall::

Did we forget where we came from? ::Dust::
To it shall we return? ::Dust::
I hope so,
you could breathe ::inhale:: me in
like salt water ::hale::.

In a single ::momentary, fleeting, love:: fit of hatred,
I have lost ::Did I really ever own it?:: a decade and more of love
and ecstasy and all its manifestations.

One true love,
one true love,
I have searched below and I have searched above.

Love and
::begin:: with
love ::and