God! Other sites won't let you post unless you have a person to speak for you, or a business? Crazy? Um my question was about popping on a 7 string (you don't want) if action is low. But I don't think that will be answered here, or anywhere in the guitar universe. So no I've played 25 years. My first 7 (went mid level Shecter JL-7 with a Hipshot Hardtail. I have a Ibanez S Prestige Hardtail. I just rid a cool American Deluxe Strat with the HSS setup (not all single coils.) Record some outboard into PC with a TASCAM DP-32. And no mine don't click or pop. You have to use the most expensive SD card listed, Record 24bit only if your doing 48mhz too! Um, love metal and all kinds of music really. I don't have a killer amp. I use a Sure SM 57 or 58 to mic a 10 watt Fender G Dec 15watt practice amp. And if I use sytnth, I'll use a Korg MicroStation. Um a few pedals, Boss Supershifter I never use. Mark Tremonti wah. Some odd zoom Delay Chorus Delay, and some pitch shifting and old pedal modulating. Like I said I came here to ask some questions. But every guitar site these days is like joining the illuminate. You just have no clue how
there's a 24 hour probation period where you're only allowed to post here.

wait a day and then post your question in the Electric guitar forum.
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