Could use some advice regarding the order of my pedal chain. Specifically regarding fuzz-octaves and wah. Read recently that putting Blue Box before wah could lead to some whacked out signals that could potentially damage other pedals/amp.

Currently, my set-up is as follows:

MIM Jazzmaster/Squier Jaguar/MIM Tele into..
1. Boss TU-3 Tuner
2. Vox V847-A wah
3. MXR Blue Box fuzz-octave
4. EHX Octavix fuzz-octave
5. RAT distortion
6. Boss SD-1 overdrive
7. Boss TR02 tremolo
8. Boss RE-20 Space Echo delay
...into Blues Deluxe Reissue 1x12 + Hod Rod Deluxe 1x12 Extension Cab

Tuner either goes first or last; wah-SD1-fuzz octave-fuzz octave-rat. In the fx loop: Trem, delay.
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Loop1=Crybaby from hell, Boss PS-5, Seymour Duncan 805 or Green Rhino, EQD Hoof or Earthbound Audio Super Collider. Loop 1 into ISP Decimator II.
Loop 2 (FX loop)-Line6 M9, TC Spark Mini. Loop 2 into mxr 10band. All into a Peavey Triple XXX 212, Ibanez IL15.
Here I go again with the link I always post (if someone's tired of this, let me know): http://www.justinguitar.com/en/GG-050-EffectsPedalOrder.php

The best advice anyone can give you is to experiment with the placement of your pedals. Try every pedal in every position (use NPR to find out how many times a month you have to destroy your pedalboard ) and see what you like best.

You have four distortions/overdrives and fuzzes there, with the wah before them, and that confuses me. I can't really tell you what I'd do with those pedals. If you could tell us where you read about the Blue Box that'd be great, as that's the first time I've heard that putting wah after an octave fuzz can damage anything, as either combination has been used by Hendrix and I don't recall him blowing up much of anything.
The above post is in terms of 'YMMV' and 'IMO', etc...

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